Leading Digital Products
Become a Product Owner
Colectivo23 wants to form the next generation of digital leaders in Latin America. Only 20 people from different disciplines will be able to be part of this first pilot.
By the end of this track, you will be able to:
Uncover user needs, design and prototype solutions for the digital era.
Understand the technological implications of developing a new product and the potential of data.
Explore different business models and define the appropriate deployment strategy.
Apply methodologies and tools to lead digital teams and accelerate the transformation of your organization.
Learn first-hand from global practitioners:
Eduardo Marisca
La Victoria Lab
Sina Mossayeb
Expa & ex IDEO
Maria Paula Loayza
La Victoria Lab
Juan Peñarrieta
Facebook ex Amazon
Evie Alexander
Airbnb ex Google
Fernando Ma
In Learning & UTP
Duration: 9 full days
(distributed over two months, in 4 clusters)
*Part of the program will be delivered in English.
= Back at work
= At Colectivo23
18 - 22 MAR
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Creative Insights
Rapid Prototyping
Colectivo Meets
TECH 101
11 - 12 APR
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Key Tech Decisions
Data-Driven Decision Making
3  MAY
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Creative Business Models
Vision Planning
Innovation Labs Road Trip
Colectivo Meets
18 MAY
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
The Future of Work
Surprise Event
On-demand advice
Creative Insights
How do you ideate user-centered solutions? Come up with powerful ideas based on actual user needs and find new business opportunities for the digital era.
Rapid Prototyping
Learn to materialize and test your ideas quickly with different prototyping techniques and solutions.
How do you tell a compelling story? Communicate your ideas in presentations that persuade and engage your audience.
Colectivo Meets
Get together to talk about worries, dreams and your progress in a casual meeting over pizza and beer.
Key Tech Decisions
Understand the technological implications of developing a new product so you can communicate seamlessly with developers and make key decisions.
Data-Driven Decision Making
Acquire and analyze different types of data to make informed decisions and scale the value of your digital product.
Creative Business Models
Learn about different business modeling approaches and find the appropriate strategy to transform your disruptive idea into a viable business.
Vision Planning
Define a vision and deployment strategy for a digital product, establishing the required indicators to measure and track success.
Innovation Labs Roadtrip
Visit innovation labs in Lima to be inspired by their spaces and best practices.

Colectivo Meets
Get together to talk about worries, dreams and your progress in a casual meeting over pizza and beer.
The Future of Work
How to lead in a time of change and uncertainty?
Adopt a flexible mentality to start designing and working in agile and multidisciplinary teams and organizations.

Manejando equipos digitales
¿Cómo liderar en una época de cambios e incertidumbre? Aprende a atraer, inspirar, formar y retener al talento adecuado para tu organización.
Surprise Event
Let's celebrate all of our learning with a closing party.
On-demand advice
Get advice from global practitioners when you need it most.
+ Professional communities
+ Mentor and expert guidance
+ Learnings you can apply immediately
+ Real-time portfolio creation
Ideal for:
Professionals from all fields that:
Seek to take a first step towards processes of innovation and digital transformation.
Need to deepen their knowledge of technology and business.
Want to learn how to empathize with users and understand how to add value to their business.
Are very curious about design and technology.
Start your
transformation today!
Our process focuses on each person individually, and also on building a community of diverse experiences and perspectives.
In you, we look for:
Entrepreneurial Mindset
Curiosity for the digital world
Comfort with uncertainty
Initiative and proactivity
Empathy and collaboration
Admissions Process
Deadline: February 11th
Program Fees: $2,000*
* including pilot discount
Who are you and why is this the track for you?
Respond to an individual challenge
Participate in a group challenge
*Applying is completely free. The payment is only made once you've been selected to be part of the track.
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