By the end of 2019, there will be 449,000 jobs in design, technology and innovation in Latin America, and a lack of trained professionals to fill them.
- IDC, 2016
We seek to close this gap by becoming the bridge between talent and companies.
We want to achieve this by empowering Latin American professionals through world-class content, a continuous learning experience, and a supportive community so they can make the greatest impact when they return to their organizations.
Prepare your talent for new challenges and roles in an intensive program, designed and delivered by industry experts.
Leading Digital Products
18 MAR - 18 MAY
Turn your team members into Product Owners through a program created by Colectivo23. By the end of the track, they will be able to lead digital teams and accelerate the transformation of your company.
Improve your team's talent. Optimize their skillset through our upcoming one or two-day in-person, immersive and actionable workshops.
Being new is no easy task. Increase the productivity of your new collaborators with the skills, mindsets and practices required for the digital age from day one.
Skills gap assessment
Every organization is different. Assess your team's digital fluency and figure out the steps in order to become a digitally-minded organization.
Finding digital talent in Latin-America is difficult. We want to change that. We assess and select the talent ready to succeed in today's and tomorrow´s marketplace
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