We want to train the next generation of digital talent in Latin America.

We believe that...
The market defines what we teach
Traditional education is not keeping up with the speed of the market.
At Colectivo23, all the content is created together with experts, companies and global startups to ensure you get the most relevant skills to stay fit.
The student designs his /her  own experience
We know you are busy and have no time to waste.
At Colectivo23, you design your path according to your interests and availability to apply what you have learned as soon as possible.
The content is based on real-life
Practice makes nearly perfect.
At Colectivo23, you will learn directly from industry experts through their successes and failures, and by solving real-life challenges.
The community accelerates learning
Learning is a creative and collective experience.
At Colectivo23, you will join a community of professionals who are facing similar challenges in different industries.
Our vision ensures multidisciplinary professionals
We don't believe in labels that pidgeon-hole people into one role.
At Colectivo23, we train professionals with a vision of design, business and technology, so that they can navigate uncertainty and generate the greatest impact.

What is Colectivo23?
We are a learning hub at the intersection of design, business and technology.. Together with global experts, we have redesigned the learning experience for the digital age.
Colectivo23 was born as a result of a collaborative project with La Victoria Lab - Intercorp Group’s innovation lab - to reinvent continuing education
Do you have any questions? Would you like to collaborate with us? Would you like a program specific to your company's needs?

Contact us: hola@colectivo23.com