Learn more about a specific topic in our upcoming one or two-day in-person, immersive and actionable workshops.
Learning with purpose
We believe in intentional and multidisciplinary learning experiences. That is why we have designed an expansive map of workshops that respond to objectives relevant for the digital age.
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Boost your career to:
Understand the user
Design with purpose
Build intentionally
Measure and track success
Capture and scale value
Lead in the digital age
Select the modules you are most interested in. The most voted modules will be offered soon.
Research tools
Learn different tools and techniques to understand your user in depth.
Understand the user
Creative insights
Uncover user needs and ideate powerful solutions based on these.

Understand the user
Vision planning
Define the vision and deployment strategy of a digital product, establishing clear metrics.
Rapid prototyping
Learn how to materialize your ideas with different prototyping techniques and solutions.
Design with purpose
Communicate your ideas in presentations that persuade and engage your audience.
Design with purpose
Design for non designers
Master some visual principles to make your designs more professional and inspiring.
Design with purpose
Key tech decisions
Understand the technological implications of developing a new product.
Ux/Ui tools
Create effective and intuitive experiences to delight your users through insights, prototypes and wireframes.
Design with purpose
Creative business modeling
Apply innovative business strategies to transform disruptive ideas into viable and scalable businesses.
Growth Hacking
Get the tools you need to take your business to the next level.
Data-driven decision making
Use and collect different types of data to scale the value of your digital product.
Coding for non coders
Learn programming principles to start talking to developers.

The future of work
Adopt a flexible mentality to work in agile and multidisciplinary teams.
Leading digital teams
Learn how to lead in a time of change and uncertainty.
Recruiting Digital Talent
Learn to attract, inspire, train and retain the right talent.
Startup economics
Learn about unit economics to better understand your business, identify opportunities and maximize growth.
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